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About Us

Jain Books World is the part of Shree Diwakar Prakashan was published in the year 1975, by Shri Shrichandji Surana 'Saras' an extremely learned person and editor of Jain Society.
The primary aim of the Jain Books World is to explain the most difficult and intricate subject matter of Jain religion in a simplified way and language along with suitable illustrations so as to offer complete information.

In the publication of this duly illustrated literature, Jain Books World has taken several progressive and revolutionary initiatives. This is way this pictorial literature has proved to be extremely useful in classes and seminars of teaching Institution. This publication is also considered to be of immense benefit for the present as well as future generations.
We have innovated and developed a special to technique to educate the children about Jain religion with the help of these pictorial publications. This would enable even the coming generations to gain immense knowledge about the most difficult and intricate subject matter of Jain Agam.