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Illustrated Bhagavati Sutra (Part 3)

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Illustrated Bhagavati Sutra (Part 3)

Vyakhyaprajnapti, the fifth Anga, is popularly known as Bhagavati. It contains thousands of question and answers on various topics from four Anuyogas, Such as soul, entities, matter, ultimate particles and universe. This voluminous Agam is an ocean of Jain metaphysics. With simple translation and brief elaboration it is expected to be completed in six volumes. The first volume contains one to four Shataks and 15 illustrations. The second volume contains five to seven Shataks complete and first Uddeshak of the eighth Shatak. As usual 15 colourful illustrations have also been included. The third volume contains second Uddeshak of the eighth Shatak and complete ninth Shatak. 22 colourful illustrations have also been included. The fourth volume contains tenth Shatak and third Uddeshak of the thirteenth Shatak with 16 useful colourful illustrations. These will make the complex topics simple and easy to understand. This is probably for the first time that an English translation of this Agam is being published.

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